Friday, February 11, 2011

Whatever happened to William 'The Refrigerator' Perry?

William 'The Refrigerator' Perry, brother of Cleveland Browns great Michael Dean, struggles with health, drinking ...    Former Bears star Wiiliam Perry, once one of America's biggest celebrities, continues to put himself at risk with his vice and a sedentary lifestyle.  (This story continues here:

The Sad Story Of William 'The Refrigerator' Perry    Micheal Dean Perry was somewhat of a legend for the Cleveland Browns , at least during his time in Cleveland.  That burgh at McDonald's was delicious, and Perry had a knack for getting to opposing quarterbacks.  He was never as famous as his brother, however, William Perry - better known as Fridge.  The Fridge was an icon, especially after scoring a touchdown in Super Bowl XX.  Everywhere you ...  (This story continues here:

'Refrigerator' Perry is not doing well    It was 25 years ago the nation became enthralled with a pudgy Chicago Bear named William "Refrigerator" Perry. Endorsements, Letterman, adoring fans--"The Fridge" had it all. Or, so it seemed. Tom Friend of ESPN crafted a compelling story and video about the one-time national sensation, and it's not pretty. Perry, who lives in Aiken, S.C., weighs more than 400 pounds and barely moves except to ...  (This story continues here:

The Saddest William "the Refrigerator" Perry Story Ever Written    The Fridge: This is the best story I've ever read about William "the Refrigerator" Perry. If you're under 25 and have no clue about Perry's cultural impact in the 1980s, devour this story, now. In the 80s, the Fridge could pound some booze. "He says he could drink two cases of beer in one sitting [...]  (This story continues here:

A Sad Look At What Happened To William "The Refrigerator" Perry    William Perry is one of the most well-known NFL players from the 1980s despite not having a particularly outstanding career. Perry became famous because his enormous size made him something of a novelty, and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka used Perry on offense to clobber opponents on the one-yard line .  (This story continues here:

William Perry: 'The Fridge is broken'    Amid the hoopla of Super Bowl XLV, you might have missed Tom Friend's stark weekend profile of former Chicago Bears defensive lineman William 'The Refrigerator' Perry, who continues to suffer from health and alcohol-related problems at age 48. Below is an excerpt of Friend's story, along with the video version of the piece. Every day begins with William Perry needing help out of bed. Usually, it ...  (This story continues here:

The sad story of Refrigerator Perry    Twenty-five years ago, William "The Refrigerator" Perry was scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl for the Chicago Bears. Now, according to an account from Tom Friend of, his life is a mess: Perry weighs 400 pounds and has health problems, memory problems and a drinking problem. "Yeah, I admit to myself, yeah, I'm…  (This story continues here:

NFL-Packers' Raji seeks to emulate 'The Fridge'    William "The Refrigerator" Perry shot to global fame by rushing for a Super Bowl touchdown 25 years ago and on Sunday, the man who lays claim to his sizable heritage, B.J "The Freezer" Raji, will seek to follow him in gaining a championship ring.  (This story continues here:

Rock On    First there was William "The Refrigerator" Perry, a quarter-century ago. Now there's the Packers' 337-pound B.J. Raji, who...  (This story continues here:

Broken Refrigerator    The horrendously-bad Super Bowl halftime show yesterday gave our little gathering a few minutes to talk amongst ourselves. The conversation quickly turned to Super Bowls of yore, including Super Bowl XX, which saw the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears crush the New England Patriots 20-7. Thinking of that team made us start playing the Whatever Happened To? game, with William "Refrigerator" Perry at ...  (This story continues here:

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